Precautions for Use of Inclinometer

Precautions for use of inclinometer

Use in working temperature to prevent vibration, strictly avoid hitting the bottom of the hole, prevent the probe from suddenly accelerating, and prohibit the cable swinging probe;

It is strictly forbidden to use wire and metal when bundling the cable. It is best to use a winch or rope to take the wire;

Wipe the probe in time, clean and dry the joint, lubricate the measuring wheel and o-ring, pay attention to moisture, clean the socket and panel;

After use, it is strictly forbidden to make each joint not separated for a long time, which will cause moisture to remain in the probe for corrosion for a long time;

After the test is completed, dry the probe and cable, cover the protective cover, and place the probe into the protective case;

Go back indoors, dry the reader and charge the battery;

It is best to let all the joints dry in the room;

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