Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor Application

Piezoelectric pressure sensors are mainly used in the measurement of acceleration, pressure and force. A piezoelectric accelerometer is a commonly used accelerometer. It has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight and long service life. Piezoelectric accelerometers have found wide application in vibration and shock measurements in aircraft, automobiles, ships, bridges and buildings, especially in the aerospace and aerospace fields. Piezoelectric sensors can also be used to measure the measurement of combustion pressure inside the engine and the measurement of vacuum. It can also be used in the military industry, for example to measure the change in the pressure of the gun bullet in the moment and the shock wave pressure of the muzzle. It can be used to measure large pressures as well as to measure small pressures. Piezoelectric sensors are also widely used in biomedical measurements. For example, ventricular catheter microphones are made of piezoelectric sensors. Because measuring dynamic pressure is so common, piezoelectric sensors are widely used. Piezoelectric sensors cannot be used for static measurements because the charge after an external force is preserved only when the loop has an infinite input impedance. The actual situation is not the case, so this determines that the piezoelectric sensor can only measure dynamic.

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