Performance Characteristics of Multi-shot Inclinometer

Performance characteristics of multi-point electronic inclinometer

A variety of measurements Applicability: The probe can meet multi-point, fixed-point measurements. Replacement of different external protection assemblies can be measured by self-floating and throwing and hanging measurement methods.

It can be used for high temperature and deep well measurement: equipped with heat insulation protection cylinder assembly, which can realize fixed point and multi-point measurement in high temperature bottom hole environment of 250 °C; maximum pressure capacity is 200MPa.

Low-power design for extended operating time: Low-power design, fully charged battery cartridge for up to 50 hours of continuous operation.

Universal software Convenient user: It combines single-point timing, fixed-point and multi-point electronic inclinometer software functions in one, using windows interface, simple, clear, fast and convenient;

Intelligent indication function: Through the display of the indicator light of the probe tube, it can be judged whether the working state of the probe is normal.

Unique power-off protection function: Instant power-off caused by special strong vibration, shock, etc. does not affect the normal operation of the instrument.

Good impact resistance and anti-vibration performance: The instrument is equipped with multi-stage rubber, spring and hydraulic shock-absorbing cushioning device in radial and axial directions, which effectively improves the impact resistance and vibration resistance of the instrument.

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