Oil Production Technology

Logging engineering geophysical method is applied in the wellbore, the drilling strata and reservoirs in original condition and change of information, especially oil, gas, water in the reservoir distribution and its change information, through the cable to the ground, which comprehensive judgment, determine the technical measures should be taken (see engineering logging, production logging, saturation logging).

Drilling engineering plays a very important role in the development of oil and gas field. In the construction of an oil and gas field, drilling engineering often accounts for more than 50% of the total investment.The development of an oil and gas field often involves drilling hundreds or even thousands of Wells.There are different technical requirements for Wells that are used for different purposes of production, observation, and control (such as production Wells, injection Wells, observation Wells, and inspection Wells designed to check the effectiveness of oil washing).The Wells should be drilled with minimal pollution to the oil and gas reservoir, high cementing quality, and be able to withstand various downhole operations during decades of production.Improving drilling technology and management, and increasing drilling speed, is the key to reducing drilling cost (see drilling method, drilling process, completion).

Oil recovery engineering is the process of lifting oil and gas from the bottom of the well to the top of the well.The rise of oil and gas can be attributed to the energy flowing from the formation, or to the artificially supplemented energy cited by pumps, gas lifts, etc.All kinds of effective workover measures can eliminate the paraffin, water, sand and other faults that often occur in oil Wells and ensure the normal production of oil Wells.Stimulation, such as hydraulic fracturing or acidification, can increase productivity that has been reduced by too low reservoir permeability or by improper drilling techniques that contaminate or damage the reservoir.For the injector well, it is about increasing the injectivity (see oil recovery method, gas recovery process, stratified production technology, oil and gas well stimulation process).

Oil and gas gathering and transportation engineering is the technology of oil and gas gathering, separating, processing, measuring, storing and transporting.The oil, gas, water and other mixed fluids produced in the well are separated and preliminarily treated in the mine to obtain as many oil and gas products as possible.Water can be recycled or used to prevent environmental pollution.Reduce invalid losses (see oil field oil and gas gathering and transportation).

The relationship between the disciplines and engineering techniques in oil exploration is shown in the figure.The development of petroleum exploitation technology the large-scale exploitation and application of petroleum and natural gas have been going on for nearly a hundred years.The United States and Russia began their modern oil and gas industries in the 1850s.Other countries are a little later.The development of petroleum exploitation technology is closely related to the development of mathematics, mechanics, geology, physics, mechanical engineering, electronics and other disciplines.

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