Notes for Wireless Drilling

(1) the impeller of the MWD wireless drilling system is particularly sensitive to impurities in the mud. Solids, magnetic materials, pipe scale or other impurities in the mud can easily cause the rotor to be blocked and stop rotating, thus causing the downhole instrument to not work.

(2) it is not allowed to work in the mud with microbeads and other plugging materials, including walnut shells, fiber materials, etc., and the solid phase content of the mud shall be strictly controlled not to exceed 0.5%, and the plastic viscosity shall not be too high.

(3) prevent the cuttings brought in by mud backflow during the drilling process from blocking the flow of mud and the rotation of the rotor, or strangling the rotor.

(4) before drilling, if there are too many impurities in the mud, the drilling team is required to deal with the mud circularly, and at the same time, the impurities in the mud are cleared with the drill pipe filter and large magnet on the ground, until the mud meets the 650 system construction requirements.

(5) drill pipe filter should be put in the construction process. The drill pipe filter is placed in a single root under the kelly, removed before connecting the single root, and then put in the next single root after cleaning.

(6) the window well from the window forging washing, all in the shale shaker mud outlet and mud tank to place special magnets, and regular cleaning, in order to remove the iron debris in the mud, drill pipe down the iron scale.

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