North Seeking Technology-North finder

North seeking technology as a key technology of navigation system, not only in satellites, missiles, artillery, ship inertial navigation, it is widely used and known as attitude measurement and defense high-tech fields, but also in geophysical exploration, coal mining, geodesy, mining, underground engineering drilling, mining tunnel azimuth measurement, and civil fields positioning system. North finder is one of the important devices which using north seeking technology, it has also become a necessary measurement method.

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Fiber optic gyro based on Sagnac effect. Compared to the traditional gyro working principle which based on the classical mechanics of rigid body. It has the advantages of simple structure, no moving parts, low cost, total weight, short preparation time, reliable work, long service life, anti shock and vibration characteristics etc. It is the ideal choice for a variety of military and civil fields, land and sea in the field of aerospace. With the rapid development of fiber optic gyro and its application technology, it will become an ideal inertial components in strapdown inertial navigation system.

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