North Finder Performance Indicators

The gyro north seeker’s performance indicators: accuracy of northing, timing of northing, output form, ambient temperature and maintainability.

The dynamic gyro north seeker is a gyro that solves the true north direction by using the Czechoslovakia compass effect. Dynamic gyro north seeker consists of three-axis dynamic gyro, three-axis plus table, data acquisition and processing module, secondary power supply, optocoupler isolated input and output serial circuit and other related structural components. After power on, the product enters the warm-up time. After the warm-up time is over, the product is transferred to the initial self-alignment under the moving base condition. After the product is energized for 30 minutes, the aircraft carrying the product can sail at sea. When sailing, the product will output the heading angle, roll angle and pitch angle at the right moment. If land and air applications, products can also be customized.

The dynamic gyro north seeker is mainly used in the navigation industry, and the dynamic gyro north seeker will output the heading angle, roll angle and pitch angle at the right time.

Dynamic gyro north seeker performance indicators: measurement accuracy, measurement range, preparation time, external input signal and error.

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