No-fly Zone for Drones

1. Airspace over all government agencies;

2. All military units, such as the local military area, the armed police, the armed forces, etc., will not be able to fly in detail to the local small military units;

3. With the strategic position of the facilities, such as fly before have a friend in the three gorges dam accident, it is clear that the three gorges dam is the key unit of highly strategic defense, There are also large reservoirs, hydropower stations and so on, if there are military units stationed, far away! Especially near the dam;

4. Government law enforcement sites, such as large group events such as demonstrations and petitions, do not specify no-fly zones, but they are strictly prohibited without permission;

5. Large mass activities organized by the government, such as games, open-air gala, concerts, etc., the police will be carried out in the security monitoring, wireless detection, even have a uav patrol, if you also go to fly, will cause the interference, or Fried machine cuts, or cause uproar onlookers;

6. The prison, detention center, detention center, drug treatment center, etc;

7. The railway station, bus station and other crowded places, that is the anti-terrorism sensitive zone;

8. Dangerous goods factories, warehouses, etc., such as oil refineries;

Therefore, above areas where the Anti-UAV defence system are applied.

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