New Sensor – Fiber Optic Sensor

Fiber optic sensor is a sensor that uses optical fiber to transmit light and transforms it into optical characteristic (intensity, phase, polarization state, frequency and wavelength). It is the light from the light source through the optical fiber to the modulator, and the parameter to be measured in the light modulation area after the interaction, resulting in the optical properties of light (such as light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization etc.) change, said the signal light is modulated through the optical fiber to the light in. The detector, after demodulating, obtain the measured parameters.

The fiber optic sensor will be measured in the form of light signals.Light signal can be directly perceived by people, not only using semiconductor diode as the photoelectric diode can be small and simple components such as photoelectric, electro-optical conversion, easy to match with some electronic assembly; Besides, optical fiber is not only a sensitive component, but also a good low loss transmission line. Therefore, optic fiber sensors can also be used for remote measurements that are not applicable to traditional sensors.

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