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Navigation technology can be divided into radio navigation, satellite navigation, astronomy navigation, inertial navigation, terrain assisted navigation and integrated navigation, as well as landing systems for airplanes and other aircraft for landing. If the navigation and positioning data of a moving body can only be obtained by relying on a navigation device mounted on the moving body itself, the principle of extrapolation works, namely self-prepared navigation, or autonomous navigation, such as inertial navigation. If it is necessary to receive navigation information transmitted from a ground navigation station or airborne satellites, it is possible to determine the position of the moving body as his standby navigation, radio navigation and satellite navigation, etc., which are typically his standby navigation. The general term for all equipment combinations capable of accomplishing certain navigation and positioning tasks is called navigation systems, such as radio navigation systems, satellite navigation systems, astronomical navigation systems, inertial navigation systems, integrated navigation systems, integrated navigation systems, terrain assisted navigation systems, and landing Guide and port navigation systems.

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