What is a Navigation Simulator?

Navigation simulators or ship simulators are systems that simulate ships and navigation environments for  training, research and other purposes. Today, simulator training provided by navigation schools and colleges is a part of the basic training for navigation professionals.

At least, the navigation simulator includes a software that truly simulates the dynamic behavior of the ship and its systems in the simulated navigation environment, and an interface that allows the person using the simulator to control the ship and interact with the simulated environment. In the case of the so-called full-mission bridge simulator, the interface includes real models of the bridge and console, as well as a screen or projector that provides a virtual view of the ship’s surroundings up to 360 degrees, similar to flying in a flight simulator of the aviation industry. In the absence of real-time visualization, simulation software can also be used for “quick time” simulations, where the ship is controlled by an autopilot. In addition, there are marine simulators for ECDIS, engine room, and cargo handling operations, as well as shore-side operations such as Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).

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