Motor Characteristics and Practical Field

Motor will be high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, low noise and good maintainability and replaceability direction in the future. On this basis, development trend in the field of motor in several practical is predictable.

First look at linear motor, linear motor system has a simple structure, light weight, inertia small, fast dynamic response, speed and high acceleration, high precision, and the advantages of small vibration and noise etc. It is an ideal transmission mode, all kinds of ultra-high speed precision machine tool on different high speed and precision machining equipment has extensive application prospect. Motor’s development trend is mainly manifested in the increasingly mature technology, which has characteristic of industrialization and it is used more and more widely. In addition, adding new technology such as high-grade CNC machine will promote its development obviously. Direct drive permanent magnet motor, compared with the traditional drive, direct drive permanent magnet motor has brought more benefits to users. In addition to the traditional gear and reduce the driving system noise, less maintenance costs, reduce the weight, drive system increases the system reliability. It is one of the future development trend and direction of the motor.

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