Mobile Gyroscope

Gyroscope is also called angular velocity sensor, which is different from the g-sensor. Its measurement physical quantity is the rotational angular velocity when deflecting and tilting. On the phone, the accelerometer alone cannot measure or reconstruct the complete 3D motion. If the rotation cannot be measured, the g-sensor can only detect the linear axial motion. However, the gyroscope can make a good measurement of the rotation and deflection, so that the actual motion of the user can be accurately analyzed and judged. Then according to the action, you can do the corresponding operation to the mobile phone!

The most successful use of the gyroscope in consumer products has been as a Motion controller in Wii Motion Plus to control games. Let the game player as long as hold the Wii Motion Plus controller, can control the game video on the screen through their own Motion, do play table tennis, tennis and other sports games, or turn the controller, you can play the driving video game. Secondly, is the air mouse (flying mouse), by moving the mouse in the air, that can control the cursor on the screen to do up and down, around the flexible movement.

1: motion-sensing GUI: through small tilt, deflection of the phone, to achieve the menu, directory selection and operation of the execution. (for example, tilt the phone back and forth to scroll up and down the address book entry; Tilt the phone left and right to realize the left and right movement of browsing pages or pages of the zoom or zoom.
2: turn and gently shake the mobile phone 2-3 times to answer the phone or open a web browser.
3: the image is stable when taking photos to prevent the influence of hand shaking on the photo quality. When the shutter is pressed, the shaking motion of the hand is recorded, and the shaking of the hand is fed back to the image processor to catch clearer and more stable pictures.
4: inertial navigation with GPS: when the car is driving near a tunnel or a tall building in the city and there is no GPS signal, the vehicle’s yaw or linear motion displacement can be measured through the gyroscope, so as to continue navigation.
5. Motion-sensing control games: this is also the focus of Steve’s introduction, and it can give APP developers more room for innovation. Developers can realize the operation of the game through the result of motion detection by the gyroscope (the motion of the mobile phone within the 3D range). For example, think of your phone as a steering wheel. The screen of your phone is a fighter plane in flight. As long as you tilt your phone up and down, left and right, the plane can do up and down, right and left actions.

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