MEMS Gyroscope

Characteristics of MEMS gyroscope

The quality, volume and energy consumption are small, and the cost is low, which is suitable for mass production;

It has large dynamic range, high stability and high reliability. It can be used in harsh mechanical environment;

Short preparation time for fast response weapons;

Medium and low precision, suitable for short time application or combination with other information systems.

Application of MEMS gyroscope

Inertial platform

Inertial stabilization platform can maintain the dynamic attitude datum because it can isolate the motion disturbance of the missile (missile, plane, chariot and ship) and adjust the attitude and position of the platform continuously.

Attitude balance

Because the gyroscope in the working state, maintain an absolute attitude, so you can indicate the aircraft flying posture, in order to ensure the pilot to master and control the flight attitude of the aircraft, to ensure that the aircraft safe, normal flight.

Electronic equipment

Gyroscope used in digital camera, digital camera, can achieve anti shake function, is to take photos, video more clear, true. It’s also used for mobile phone positioning and mobile game manipulation.

Development trend of MEMS:

1. the volume is smaller and smaller, the accuracy is higher and higher;

2. process and packaging technology matures;

3. engineering applications continue to expand, more and more successful cases

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