MEMS Gyro For Stable Platform

On military equipment such as airplanes, missiles, tanks, and ships, the platform is used a lot. The typical stable platform system requires three acceleration sensors and three gyroscopes. MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes are expected to be used in platform systems due to their many advantages. According to Gabriel et al., the conventional inertial measurement component weighs 1587g, measures 15cm x 8cm x 5cm, consumes 35W, and costs $30,000. The MEMS measurement unit integrates accelerometers and gyros, reducing weight by a factor of 150, shrinking by 300 times, reducing costs by a factor of 60, and increasing overload resistance by approximately three orders of magnitude. It is not difficult to see that MEMS inertial measurement units are quite competitive on the platform.

MEMS gyroscopes can also be used in aerospace electronics, autopilots, gun mounts, tank turrets, tracking antennas, and ejection seats.

At present, although MEMS gyroscopes are inferior to MEMS accelerometers in terms of reliability and technical maturity, they have been able to provide fairly good samples in the laboratory, so the platform for applying MEMS inertial measurement components will be mentioned in the near future. The schedule is coming up.

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