MEMS Accelerometer Linearity

The linearity is mainly to make the accelerometer have a good linear output, that is, the voltage value (analog or digital) output by the MEMS chip is proportional to the acceleration value received by the chip. In fact, nonlinear factors are difficult to avoid, such as the design of the spring, the design of the damping system, the design of the variable capacitance structure, and the acquisition of the signal, etc., more or less will produce some nonlinear effects. The key technology of MEMS accelerometers is to reduce these nonlinear effects to an acceptable level. Choosing the appropriate mechanical structure design, or researching and developing some new mechanical structures and circuit structures, so that the actual device model and the theoretical model are closer will greatly improve the linearity of the device. In addition, improving the production process of the chip also plays an important role in improving the linearity of the chip.

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