MEMS Accelerometer

MEMS accelerometer is one of the most important of the MEMS sensors, belongs to the inertial sensor.The basic structure of MEMS accelerometer are including a quality piece, then he is a quality piece of sensitive structure displacement and a signal output circuit. According to the displacement of the sensitive way of measurement, such as capacitor and resistor sensitive components.

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MEMS accelerometer study more, and products are quite rich, such as measuring low g (1.2~10 g) under uniaxial and biaxial and triaxial accelerometer; Also have measuring high g (plus or minus 35~+ 250 g) of uniaxial and biaxial accelerometer.

MEMS accelerometer is often used in aviation, navigation and automotive industry. These areas involves huge financial resources consumption and a lot of human culture. So the device reliability problems appear very important. At present on the main content of the accelerometer reliability analysis for mechanical shock, thermal cycle, such as hot flashes environment and high temperature storage test.

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