Main Requirements For Fiber Optic GyroscopesUsed In Attitude Control Loops

1) Determine the kinematics of the carrier, including the height, velocity and overload of the carrier, to determine the open-loop transfer coefficient of the system loop and the stability margin of the system.

2) The system has a certain bandwidth bandwidth requirement, which is mainly determined by the operating conditions of the system.

3) The system should be able to effectively suppress external interference on the carrier and stabilize internal interference of the system equipment.

4) The system also needs to limit the maximum overload of the carrier to a given value, which is determined by the structural strength of the carrier and the structural components of the system equipment.

5) For carriers with a large angle of attack, limit the maximum use angle of attack to ensure system stability and other performance requirements.

6) The fiber optic gyroscope is connected to the angular velocity command system as a rate gyro. The attitude control loop system gain provides unity acceleration transmission gain. Normally, the loop gain is less than 1. The system is particularly sensitive to speed changes. In addition, any noise of the system command is amplified by high gain, and in order to avoid noise saturation, The actuator electronics have a large dynamic range.

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