Low cost gyroscope inclinometer

the self-seeking method to measure the azimuth, and uses the highly sensitive angular rate gyro to directly measure the Earth’s rotation angular rate vector and the Earth’s rotation angular rate vector on the instrument axes. Through complex vector projection calculation, you can Obtain the angular velocity component of the instrument pointing (drilling orientation) and know the orientation of the borehole compared to the Earth’s rotation angular velocity vector. From the measurement principle, this kind of gyro inclinometer has great advantages. It is to directly measure the angular velocity of the Earth’s rotation and calculate the orientation of the borehole. This orientation is the true north position. The measurement is performed independently at each measurement point, and there is no cumulative error in the measurement results. Therefore, it has the characteristics of accurate measurement, convenient use and high reliability. The self-seeking method requires the sensitivity of the gyro element to be high enough to be sensitive to the earth’s rotation angular rate (15.042°/H) and its component value.

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