Laser Gyroscope Features One

The laser gyroscope has no rotating rotor parts, no angular momentum, no need for direction ring frame, frame servo mechanism, rotary bearing, conductive ring and torque device and angle sensor. It has simple structure, long working life, convenient maintenance and reliability. High performance, the average trouble-free working time of the laser gyroscope has reached more than 90,000 hours.

The laser gyroscope has a wide dynamic range of ±1500 degrees per second, the minimum sensitive angular velocity is less than ±0.001 degrees per hour, and the resolution is in the order of /radius seconds. The angle and angular velocity of the carrier are output with inherent digital increments. Information, no need for sophisticated analog-to-digital converters, can be easily converted to digital form, easy to interface with the computer, suitable for strap-down systems.

The operating temperature range of the laser gyroscope is very wide (from -55 ° C to +95 ° C), no need to warm up, the startup process time is short, the system reaction time is fast, and the power supply can be put into normal operation after a few seconds. Achieving an accuracy of 0.5 degrees per hour, requiring only 50 milliseconds, is invaluable for the guidance of weapon systems.

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