Laser gyro features – 1

1) Accuracy has a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of different application fields. Honeywell’s GG1389 gyro has a zero bias stability of 1.5×10-4(o)/h, making it the world’s highest precision laser gyro. The company’s GG1308 gyro has a bias stability of 5 to 1 (o)/h, making it the world’s smallest product laser gyro.

2) Large dynamic range and good dynamic performance. The dynamic range of the laser gyro‘s measurable speed is greater than 108, from several thousandths of an hour to more than 7200 (o)/s, and the linear output can be obtained regardless of the speed, and the measurement deviation is small.

3) The linearity and stability of the scale factor are good, and the dynamic environment error is small. The vast majority of laser gyro chambers are made of glass-ceramic material, and their coefficients of expansion reach the order of 10-8. The area and length of the optical path are very stable, and the non-linearity of the scale factor in engineering applications can be 0.1 ppm. It is basically kept constant in high and low temperature environment, and can especially adapt to the application needs of large temperature and harsh environment.

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