Laser Gyro and Application

Definition of scientific and technological terms: laser gyro, scientific name “ring laser”. In fact, it is a massless optical gyroscope. When a ring laser is rotated in the inertial space, the effects of the frequency difference between the two beams are rotated, and the angular velocity or rotation angle of the sensitive object relative to the inertial space is measured to determine the direction of the object. Wait.

Principle: After a beam of light is split into two identical beams by the beam splitter, it enters the same ring-shaped optical path and propagates in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, respectively. If the optical circuit is rotated about its own axis, a phase difference will occur between the two beams, and the phase difference will be measured by the interference performance of the light, thereby obtaining the angular velocity of the rotation of the optical circuit. If the optical circuit is made into a ring laser, the light propagating is a laser with good directivity, strong bunching, and excellent coherence. Therefore, it can form a direction and attitude through sensitive angular velocity and has a fast north-seeking and Stabilizing laser gyro.

The main application: mainly used for precision strike weapons, navigation and positioning, attitude measurement and control, platform stability, to provide better protection for their effective completion of combat missions.

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