Application about Accelerometer

The application of accelerometer is very extensive, and the following are some typical applications.

Inertial navigation and guidance systems.

Missiles, planes, ships, vehicles and other navigation guidance system must have a speed and position information. Linear accelerometer can be installed in the moving object directly measuring the acceleration, and then speed and position is obtained, its high accuracy, good dynamic performance, far better than an empty speedometer and odometer.

Tilt measurement and leveling system.

In the gravitational field, linear accelerometer can measure the acceleration of gravity.When its sensitive axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the accelerometer indicates the unit gravity acceleration.If the sensitive axis is inclined, the output is the product of the sine function of the acceleration of gravity and the Angle of inclination.Using this principle, it can be used as tilt measurement and leveling such as fire control gun radar, air defense radar leveling;

Overload switch

The overload switch is used for the projectile throwing system of the sub – parent missile.In this system, the motion of accelerometer is calculated and set up by the trajectory calculation.The overload switch installed on the elastic sensitive mother play the axial acceleration, when acceleration reaches preset, overload switch output bullet scatters control signal and make the bullets thrown to play.

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