Intelligent Irrigation Control System

Intelligent irrigation control system is independent research and development of national engineering technology research center for information technology in agriculture and the set of automatic control technology and expert system technology, sensor technology, communication technology, computer technology is one of the irrigation management system.

Intelligent Irrigation Control System

System function

1. Data collection function

Automatic collection of temperature, humidity, wind speed, rain, light and other environmental parameters.

2. Irrigation control function

(1) there are various modes such as automatic irrigation, regular irrigation, periodic irrigation, manual irrigation, etc. Users can choose irrigation mode flexibly according to their needs.

(2) it can control the control of central control room, SMS, remote control and on-site manual control.

3. Parameter setting function

(1) the system can set and modify the temperature and humidity limits of the site.

(2) the system can set parameters such as starting time, stopping time and sprinkler irrigation time by the controller or background monitoring system.

4. Display function

(1) the controller is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which is displayed in the Chinese menu mode, and the on-site collection data is displayed on the LCD screen.

(2) the background monitoring system can be equipped with large screen monitors, graphics, tables and other forms to display the operation of the entire irrigated area dynamically, accurately, intuitively and clearly.

5. Alarm function

The irrigation system failed.Stop the pump running and call the police when the water pipe breaks.

6. Communication function

(1) check, set and modify parameters through the background machine.

(2) collect data to upload the background machine for data processing and display of the background machine.

(3) receive the control command issued by the background machine.

7. Data processing

The background machine can complete user’s statistics, storage, query and other systems to form the data processing function, and can print the report of the user’s request.

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