Integrated Navigation Features

Compared to a single navigation system, an integrated navigation system has the following advantages:

(1) It can effectively utilize the navigation information of each navigation subsystem to improve the positioning accuracy of the combined system. For example, the INS/GPS integrated navigation system can effectively utilize the short-term precision retention characteristics of INS and the long-term precision retention characteristics of GPS, and its output information characteristics are superior to INS and GPS as the navigation characteristics of a single system.

(2) Allow automatic switching between the working modes of the navigation subsystem, thereby further improving the reliability of the system. Since each navigation subsystem can output the motion information of the ship, the integrated navigation system has sufficient measurement redundancy, and a certain part of the equivalent measurement information fails, and the system can automatically switch to another combination mode to continue working.

(3) It can realize the calibration of the error of each navigation subsystem and its components, thus relaxing the requirements of the navigation subsystem technical indicators. For example, when the INS and GPS are combined in a loosely coupled mode, the position, velocity, and attitude of the combined output are fed back to the INS and GPS to calibrate the corresponding amounts of error for the INS and GPS.

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