Integrated inertial navigation (INS)’s practical application

The satellite positioning navigation system (INS) has the characteristics of high precision and communication, but it needs to obtain information from the outside world.The inertial directional positioning navigation system, through the internal inertial equipment (gyro, accelerometer), to obtain the current position information, is closed, does not need to communicate with the outside world, so its independence is strong, the defect is, follow the navigation, the inertial navigation error will occur caused by temperature change, vibration. In the integrated positioning and navigation system, the errors of the inertial system can be corrected regularly through the information of the satellite positioning system. Together, when the satellite signals are unable to be sustained, the inertial directional positioning and navigation system can also ensure the accuracy of the navigation information within a certain time.

INS applications

In addition to GPS navigation system, civil aircraft also use the satellite integrated inertial navigation system. Civil aviation is another major application field of inertial navigation system. Because of inertia system is indispensable to now fly trap viewpoints sensing system, follow the development of inertial navigation system skills gradually drop in its costs, functional reliability improvement, especially optical fiber and the popularity of micro-electro-mechanical gyro application, make all kinds of new aircraft now common configuration inertial navigation system, especially the large aircraft is difficult to rely on the ground of transatlantic flying radio navigation guidance, all the navigation system settings with inertial navigation system as the primary equipment and satellite navigation and flight appearance as auxiliary equipment are selected. With the development of China’s domestic civil aviation passenger aircraft, this part of the shopping mall also has a larger vision. The second aspect is mine mining, similar to oil mining, because there is no other auxiliary method in the underground directional positioning, in order to improve power and reduce costs, the selection of inertial navigation system is a more common method; Third, consumer products (such as advanced cars, model airplanes, etc.) also need different types of inertial navigation products to improve their functions and quality.

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