Inertial Technology Applied To Oil Exploration

In the field of resource exploration, it is necessary to measure the depth trajectory of the well and the actual position of the drill bit to ensure that the well depth reaches a predetermined position, especially in the oil exploration industry, which has higher requirements for the measurement of the slope and the azimuth. In the context of the depletion of petroleum resources, the drilling industry at home and abroad has turned their attention to the exploration and development of complex minerals such as beaches, lakes, heavy oil reservoirs and oceans. The increasing number of large-displacement wells, high-angle wells, cluster wells, and horizontal wells requires a petroleum slanting instrument with higher accuracy and more reliable performance. The application of inertial technology makes this requirement to be met. As an advanced measuring instrument commonly used in international drilling, inertial-based petroleum inclinometer can reliably measure orientation parameters and gamma values in high temperature environment of 175 °C, with temperature resistance up to 200 °C, withstand voltage up to 150 MPa, and deep well testing. The data is accurately and timely fed back to the ground control center to achieve precise navigation of the drilling direction through a remote control system.

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