Inertial positioning how to solve the gyro drift and magnetic-field interference-1

With the development of micro miniaturized inertial components represented by MEMS sensors, based on strapdown inertial navigation principle and the inertial positioning technology of MEMS sensor are also being paid more and more attention, especially in indoor, underground, mine, underwater, battlefield, which are difficult to receive satellite signal. In order to solve these problems, it is often used to correct the gyroscope by using electronic compass. In the process of indoor, underground, mine, underwater and so on, magnetometer is more easily disturbed, resulting in greater azimuth. Many fusion algorithms have appeared to solve the problem of magnetometer easily disturbed and gyro integral drift, such as Calman filter, untrace Calman filter (UKF), extended Calman filter (EKF) and so on. These filtering methods need to establish accurate state equation and observation equation.

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