Inertial Navigation System

The inertial component (accelerometer) is used to measure the acceleration of the carrier itself, and the speed and position are obtained through integration and calculation, so as to achieve the purpose of positioning and positioning the carrier. The devices that make up the inertial navigation system are installed in the carrier, do not rely on external information when working, and do not radiate energy to the outside world, and are not easily interfered. It is an autonomous navigation system. Inertial navigation systems typically consist of inertial measurement devices, computers, control displays, and the like. The inertial measurement device includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which is also called an inertial measurement unit. Three degrees of freedom gyroscopes are used to measure the three rotational motions of the vehicle; three accelerometers are used to measure the acceleration of the three translational motions of the vehicle. The computer calculates the speed and position data of the carrier based on the measured acceleration signal. The control display displays various navigation parameters. According to the installation method of the inertial measurement unit on the carrier, it is divided into a platform inertial navigation system (the inertial measurement unit is mounted on the platform of the inertial platform) and a strapdown inertial navigation system (the inertial measurement unit is directly mounted on the carrier) The latter saves the platform, the instrument working conditions are not good (impact precision), and the calculation workload is large.

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