Inertial Navigation – Modern Military Core

The Inertial Navigation System (INS) is an autonomous navigation device that provides information such as position, attitude, and speed of the carrier in a continuous and real-time manner. It is characterized by independent external information and freedom from climatic conditions and external external interference factors.

Originally used for aerospace, ground and marine military users, inertial navigation and control systems are the core technology products of modern defense systems and are widely used in defense fields such as aircraft, missiles, ships, submarines, and tanks. With the reduction of cost and the increase of demand, inertial navigation technology has been extended to commercial fields such as geodesy, resource survey, geophysical survey, ocean exploration, railway, tunnel, etc., and is widely used in robots, video cameras, and children’s toys.

The inertial navigation system is an autonomous navigation method. It relies entirely on the equipment on the carrier to autonomously determine the navigation parameters such as the heading, position, attitude and speed of the carrier without any external optical, electrical or magnetic information.

Inertial navigation is a comprehensive technology involving various disciplines and fields such as precision machinery, computer technology, microelectronics, optics, automatic control, and materials. The basic working principle is based on Newton’s laws of mechanics. By measuring the acceleration and angular acceleration of the carrier in the inertial reference frame, it integrates the time with one time to obtain the velocity and angular velocity of the moving carrier, and then performs the second integral to obtain the motion. The position information of the carrier is then transformed into a navigation coordinate system to obtain velocity, yaw angle and position information in the navigation coordinate system.

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