Inertial navigation device relationship and difference

North finder, inertial device, gyro north finder, FOG north finder, fiber optic gyro compass, strapdown inertial navigation system, what is the relationship between them? What’s the difference?

1. North finder: high-precision dual-axis dynamically tuned gyro by measuring the earth  rotation angular velocity, the carrier attached to the independence of true north direction value, in the process of electricity for north gyro is rotating at high speed, so need to rest in the process of find north.

2. Inertial device: It is inertial navigation equipment, without any satellite navigation information, usually by the gyroscope acceleration sensor to realize the autonomous navigation equipment, the longer the drift and the greater the deviation.

3. Gyro north finder: It is the device what we usually refer to north finder, through high precision by measuring the earth rotation angular velocity, the dual axial dynamically tuned gyroscope independently determine the true north direction value attached to the carrier.

4. FOG north finder: there is only a light gyro, it is not mechanical, therefore its north finder performance with better durability, performance and principle are likely, the price is too expensive.

5. Fiber optic gyro compass: Automotive, aviation, water attitude measurement, the miniaturization and high precision triaxial and high precision fiber optic gyroscope and quartz flexible accelerometer, implementation under the moving base can finish quickly find north, into the compass mode after can maintain the azimuth and attitude accuracy.

6. Strapdown inertial navigation system: high precision triaxial and the realization of high precision quartz flexible accelerometer for north and positioning, belong to the pure inertial navigation, the general conditions on the ground are fitted with antenna.

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