Inertial Navigation Common Error Classification

Inertial navigation common error classification

Any of the major sources of error common to inertial systems can be classified into one of the following five basic types of errors.

1. Structural Error This error is related to the complete system architecture, such as the mechanical calibration error of the components on the platform.

2. Actual component error This is the deviation between the actual inertial meter and its design performance.

3. Mechanical Arrangement Errors To approximate the resulting errors in the mechanical programming of the entire system.

4. Method of Operation Error The error produced by the method used in special cases, including the error that is not ideal for accurate calibration and the deviation caused by imperfect methods when adjusting the meter.

5. Errors caused by motorized navigation This error is related to the change in acceleration. Therefore, for a vehicle in a cruise state, this error mainly depends on the number of maneuvers and the duration of the maneuver during flight.

The above various types of errors are considered separately.

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