Inertial Navigation Application

The original inertial navigation is mainly used in missile guidance, aircraft navigation, and ship navigation. It has been applied in geography exploration, deep sea exploration, autonomous navigation of small aircraft, human-computer interaction, mobile equipment and identification. The navigation principles of different application fields are basically the same, but the requirements for inertial devices are different in different fields, and the requirements for accuracy and anti-interference are different.

Inertial navigation is applied in mobile communication devices. In the process of GPS navigation, the iPhone can use its ownacceleration and gyroscope for inertial navigation in the case of GPS signal loss. For example, when entering the tunnel, it can pass its own inertia. Navigation system navigation. Secondly, positioning applications have become more important. In recent years, they have not only been applied to security applications, but also to the mass market, mainly in the tracking of running carriers, and pets. The use of inertial navigation and positioning systems eliminates the need for complex external reference systems. The use of magnetic space and machine vision for object tracking relies on external devices and has limitations on the environment in which they are used. The application of the wireless mouse and the 3D game controller is also an application based on the inertial navigation principle, and the application is processed by a computer by reacting the motion position in the reference coordinate system to the computer. It can realize the experience of three-dimensional space and realize human-computer interaction.

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