Inclinometer Definition

The relationship between the drilling direction and the vector of the earth’s rotation angular velocity is determined by measuring the angular velocity of the earth’s rotation and the component values in each direction, thereby calculating the orientation of the drilling hole. From this measurement method, we can see the meaning of the self-seeking north gyro inclinometer.

The advantage of self-seeking is that it does not need to be measured before the north, directly at the measuring point to find out the direction of the earth’s angular rotation speed, the true north direction. The use of self-seeking north technology is a major technological leap for gyro inclinometers. Although there are many shortcomings in the self-seeking north gyro survey, its advantages are obvious, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. To find North autonomously, there is no need to advance north and there is no error to North.

2. There is no framework for three-degree balance required frame gyro, high reliability.

3. The north of each measurement point does not require the integral measurement link of the electronic gyro, so there is    no random drift error, and the azimuth measurement result is true north.

Three advantages of high reliability, ease of use, and high measurement accuracy make the self-seeking North-style gyroscope promising

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