Inclinometer Considerations

The main purpose of the inclinometer: the measurement of the well inclination, magnetic orientation, tool surface and other data of the well bottom measurement point during the drilling process, and can also be used for the measurement of the well inclination and magnetic orientation of a certain well.

Applicability of inclinometer: Measurement of well trajectory during drilling in oil, coal, water conservancy and other industries.

Inclinometer notes:

1) The probe is the core part of the instrument and is not allowed to be disassembled. If it is disassembled, the measurement may be inaccurate or damaged.

2) The probe should be placed in a dedicated instrument case.

3) Pay attention to the protection thread without damage. After each disassembly, please apply the thread oil and screw the cap.

4) Waterproof and moisture proof during use or storage.

5) If the probe is to be stored for a long time, please remove the battery cartridge and store it in a dry place.

6) No impact is allowed.

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