Inclination Sensor for Wind Power Generation

With the acceleration of the industrialization process, people are increasingly demanding energy. Traditional coal oil is a non-renewable resource and has a great pollution to the environment. People are increasingly demanding energy, and wind power is the preferred target for clean and environmentally friendly renewable resources.

With the rapid development of wind power, wind power towers were established in pieces. The place where the wind tower is built is generally a place where the winds of the desert Gobi are strong. Therefore, it is very difficult to arrange special care. With the improvement of industrial intelligence, we only need to install a two-dimensional tilt sensor at the top of the wind tower to monitor the state of the wind tower 24 hours a day. If there is a tilt collapse, we can notify the maintenance personnel through the electric signal alarm for the first time. Arrived. Our company’s tilt sensor has stable performance and high precision. The IP68 protection level can adapt to all harsh environments.


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