How to View the State Monitoring Technology of the Motor

In order to lower the difficulty of the application of machine condition monitoring, to improve system usability, in view of the general type of low voltage motor, some automation manufacturers began to put forward the concept of the so-called “smart machine” and products.


On the market, for example, some use analog hybrid feedback servo motor, can be in real-time dynamic output and high precision of position/velocity information at the same time, through its digital communication port to the device control system feedback some motor static/dynamic operating data, including: motor commutation rotor position, the internal temperature of the encoder, the electronic brand label products, electrical hardware parameters… And so on.

Over the years and in the application of encoder technology, motor feedback has gradually broken through the limits of communication speed and data bandwidth. This keeps the encoder in the feedback position, speed… When the information is loaded, it can also carry more information about the motor running state.

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