How to use a gyroscope in 3C electronic products?

Gyroscope, also known as angular velocity sensor, and inclination sensor, gyroscope is a sensor to measure the tilt angle of the object. The difference between the two is that the inclination sensor measures the inclination of the object when it is relatively static, while the gyroscope measures the change of the angle of the object when it is in motion.

In fact, gyro instruments were first used for navigation. By measuring and recording the angle change of the object in the process of motion, we can know the direction change of the object in the process of motion by comparing the initial direction. After years of development, gyroscope more applications have also been developed, at the same time, thanks to the development of sensor technology and production process, now the gyroscope and smaller volume, especially a little big of MEMS gyroscope (chips), for a lot of small digital products (such as mobile phone) gyroscope to application, can realize the function of more abundant.

In addition to the navigation we are familiar with, smart phones, sweeping robots, drones, digital cameras, game consoles, and so on, will use multiple gyroscopes. Gyroscopes are everywhere today.

Mobile phone 

In a smartphone, a gyroscope can detect and sense linearity and motion in 3D space. Thus can identify the direction, determine the attitude, calculate the angular velocity, its role is mainly reflected in the mobile phone navigation, video anti-shake, game operation and so on.

In navigation, gyroscope with GPS, mobile phone navigation ability to reach an unprecedented level. Under normal circumstances, GPS can guarantee the basic navigation function of mobile phone, and adding gyroscope can realize the inertial navigation of GPS, so that the navigation function of mobile phone is stronger. When we enter the tunnel or the city near the tall buildings, GPS signal is weak or even no, can be measured through the gyroscope mobile phone yaw or linear movement displacement, so as to continue to navigate.

Gyros in moblie photo

In the aspect of camera stabilization, gyroscope is used with mobile phone camera, which can maintain the stability of the image when taking pictures and prevent the influence of the shaking of the hand on the quality of the picture. When the shutter is pressed, the shaking of the hand is recorded and fed back to the image processor, allowing the phone to capture a clearer and more stable picture.


At present, in the actual manufacturing and application of UAV, most of them are based on the three-axis gyroscope and inclination sensor to constitute the full attitude stability increasing control system, which can make the indoor smooth flight and low altitude accurate positioning and hovering easier.

The UAV attitude stabilization control includes attitude maintenance and control, speed control and other modes. Based on the acquisition of UAV flight attitude by three-axis gyroscope and inclination sensor, the stability and control of UAV flight attitude can be achieved by controlling the elevator and rudder. Among them, the three-axis gyroscope is mainly used to measure the angular velocity of the pitch angle, roll angle and yaw angle of the UAV in the flight process, and calculate the change of angle according to the integral of the angular velocity.

In addition, the more complex strapdown algorithm can greatly improve the accuracy of UAV attitude. First of all, the gyroscope measure the angular velocity information is used as the stabilization of feedback control, aircraft control up to become more “dull”, which measured by angle sensor aircraft roll angle and pitching angle, then put the gyroscope measured angular rate information and angle sensor strapdown attitude angles of the measured transport, get the attitude information fusion after.

Gyroscope in UAV

Sweeping robot 

How does the sweeping robot clean itself effectively and in all directions?

Actually are heavily dependent on its internal gyroscope sensor to ensure accurate location information, sweep the floor by measuring direction and velocity of the mobile robot, and then calculate the angle of information, then according to the distance information and use the “piloting DR (Dead Reckoning)” method to determine the position, to achieve a more accurate navigation path.

Therefore, the performance of the gyroscope sensor directly affects the navigation accuracy of the navigation robot and the user experience.

Camera, video camera 

We all know that we can only take great pictures or videos when the camera is relatively “stable,” and one of the key things that keeps the camera stable is the gyroscope. The small movement of the camera is detected by the gyroscope in the lens, and the signal is transmitted to the microprocessor to calculate the displacement that needs to be compensated. Then, the compensation is made according to the jitter direction and displacement of the lens through the compensation lens set, so as to effectively overcome the image blurring caused by the vibration of the camera.

To put it simply, the gyroscope detects the camera’s attitude in real time, and then controls the camera motor to make corresponding actions. As long as the camera motor is controlled fast enough, the camera can always be kept in a fixed position. So, whether you move your hand from side to side or up and down, the sensor controls the camera to take clear pictures and record a steady frame.

gyro in camera

Powered unicycle balance (car)

 The simplest self-balancing vehicle system should include the controller, attitude sensors and actuators, as well as the necessary structural components such as power supply and direction control handle. The attitude sensor is formed by the combination of gyroscope and acceleration sensor, is the balance of the car the most important balance induction component, through the three-axis gyroscope and three-axis acceleration sensor, can solve the balance of the car in the pitch, roll, the direction of the space attitude. It can be said that the attitude sensor and the controller are the core of the self-balancing car, and they largely determine the performance of the car.

gyro in

In addition to the above products, gyroscopes are also used to detect data in common electronic products such as smart watches and motion-based game devices to achieve more functions.

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