How Does The Inertial Navigation System Calculate The Position Of The Aircraft?

In 1954, the inertial navigation system was successfully tested on an airplane. In 1958, the “Nautilus” submarine sailed under ice for 21 days through inertial navigation through the Arctic. China has been developing inertial navigation systems since 1956. Since 1970, it has adopted its own developed inertial navigation systems on artificial earth satellites and rockets that have been launched many times, and on various aircraft.

Inertial navigation system is a kind of reckoning navigation method. That is, the position of the next point is calculated from the position of a known point based on the continuously measured heading angle and speed of the carrier. Therefore, the current position of the moving body can be continuously measured. The gyroscope in the inertial navigation system is used to form a navigation coordinate system so that the measuring axis of the accelerometer is stable in the coordinate system and gives the heading and attitude angle; the accelerometer is used to measure the acceleration of the moving body through a time integration Speed, the speed can be obtained by integrating the time once.

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