How does a Mobile Gyroscope Work?

Existence of gyro is tall, but because of the MEMS gyroscope (MEMS), low cost of gyroscope can be used in many fieldsIn addition to the familiar smartphones, the car also USES a lot of MEMS gyroscope, in high-grade car, about 25 to 40 MEMS sensor, used to detect working status, from different parts of the car computer to provide information to drive.

Let users better control of the vehicle and inside the game, a variety of body feeling behind operation function is MEMS gyroscope (MEMS) in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) wearable devices, Internet of things, and even now 4.0 hyped industry, Internet + above, also cannot leave it, as long as it is need to detect motion state, has the MEMS gyroscope (MEMS)165 years ago, Leon foucault gyroscope were invented to scientific research today, this little thing is to make our lives had the earth-shaking change, without it, there is no plane, no rocket, there is no modern life, I’m afraid this is the inventor of the he didn’t think of little gyroscope, make our world a better place.

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