High Precision Gyrotheodolite

MARCS gyro theodolite.MARCS(Master Azimuth Reference Calibration Standard) is a Calibration Standard developed by the United States.The accuracy of the device is less than 2 arc seconds and the alignment time is about 10 minutes.It is a calibration device for medium-precision gyrotheodolite used by the U.S. military.The measurement principle is as follows: under the condition of no damping, the instrument is rapidly and roughly positioned in the north direction from the initial position in the quarter swing period of precise timing under the condition of no damping; then, under the condition of damping, the damping torque is applied to the pendulum by the fast feedback method, so that the gyro rotation axis is gradually stationary in the meridian plane.Finally, the locking mechanism locks the pendulum, returns it to zero, and the true north position is transmitted through the reflector on the pendulum.The instrument is unique in technology because of its complicated structure.It USES a special motor power diversion device to ensure that only ultra-low torque is generated when relative motion occurs between the pendulum and the tracking device.The locking mechanism USES ac motor and CAM to lock or unlock the pendulum. The locking action is smooth and continuous, so that the pendulum is not impacted.

Gyromat gyro theodolite.Gyromat gyro theodolite was developed by WBK mine survey institute in west Germany in 1978 on the basis of MW77 gyro theodolite.Automatic measurement of gyro theodolite with digital display of azimuth.The accuracy is 3 arc seconds and the measuring time is 7min.Its characteristic is that it can effectively suppress all kinds of high-frequency interference signals in the measurement process, and the integral value within the accurate timing is independent of the measurement starting point.Since the measurement time is only one cycle, the measurement time is short and the north seeking speed is fast.It USES gyro components of dc motor, low speed and low power consumption, low temperature rise, no guide wire can effectively reduce the interference torque, and no external power supply and its own battery in the sensitive components.

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