GyroTheodolite Application Example-2

(2) Acquisition of orientation angles when viewing obstacles

When there is a visual obstacle and the direction angle cannot be obtained from a known point, the azimuth measurement or gyro theodolite measurement can be used to obtain the direction angle. Compared with astronomical measurements, the gyro-based theodolite measurement method has many advantages: less dependence on the weather, no complicated astronomical calculations, and can obtain the direction angle of any line in the field and easy to calculate closing errors.

(3) true north measurement required for sun shadow calculation

There is a high limit for high-rise buildings in the city or suburban areas with sunshine or sun shadow conditions. At the time of building application, a daily shadow map should be attached. This map of the sky is based on the true solar time of the winter solstice, from 8:00 to 16:00, for high-precision measurement in the true north direction for calculation and drawing. At this point the use of gyro theodolite measurement can be affected by weather, time and other effects.

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