In daily life, we also found that if an object rotates very fast, it will stand steadily in a position, and when the speed is fast enough, even if the flat plate is tilted, it will not fall, and the shaft will always be Point to a fixed direction. This is the “fixed axis characteristic” of the object.

Scientists use “fixed-axis properties” to create gyroscopes that can be oriented and positioned. By aligning the gyro’s axis with the axis of the carrier, the correct direction and instantaneous position of the carrier can be derived. The gyroscope is the core component, and the inertial navigation system or guidance system is assembled. Therefore, the gyro is an indispensable positioning and navigation device for aerospace, aviation, marine equipment and many weapons and equipment in combat.

The traditional inertial gyro mainly refers to electromechanical gyro, but its stability and orientation and positioning accuracy are not enough to meet the requirements of modern weapon precision strike. Researchers have been hoping to find better gyroscopes, to help the carrier to accurately position and orient, to run stably, and to better utilize the effectiveness of weapons. Laser gyros are undoubtedly a good substitute.

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