Gyroscope in Gyro Theodolite

Gyro is the core of the system, mainly consists of gyro sensitive part, electromagnetic shielding mechanism, hanging wire and guide wire, azimuth rotary servo drive, damping device, inertial sensitive part locking device, support and leveling device, photoelectric angle measuring sensor, power supply, control and display parts.

The gyro sensitive part has a gyro motor that rotates at a constant rotational speed, and the gyro motor is suspended from the gyro frame by a hanging wire and is powered by the guide wire.

The gyro sensitive part locking device is for securing the gyro sensitive part in the transport state, and fixing the inertial sensitive part and the frame.

The damping device is used to attenuate the amplitude of the swing of the sensitive portion of the gyro after the release, so that the swing state satisfies the north seeking requirement, and finally overcomes the northward precession moment, so that the gyro sensitive portion is relatively stable in a fixed orientation of the inertial space. Damping has friction damping, liquid damping and electromagnetic damping.

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