Gyro inclinometer technique

The gyro inclinometer system is derived from the strapdown inertial navigation technology. In petroleum exploration and development, such as casing wells and old wells kaitianchuang retest, directional perforation and cluster wells around the barrier are required to be measured by inclination, azimuth angle and tool face angle etc..


The measurement error of magnetic flux gate in abnormal magnetic field is large. Fiber optic gyroscope, despite its high precision, is large in volume and low in working temperature. It is still unusable in small diameter wells. In the inclinometer, a system analysis method for error correction, the error due to the inclinometer itself resulted in the deviation increases, the error ellipse of borehole position will be further increased; in the small angle, high side instead of using gyro tool face angle deviation of the inevitabilityof in wells angle less than 3 degrees when given a more accurate tool face angle. As a angular rate sensor, the design of rebalance loop has been paid enough attention. However, from the perspective of improving the overall performance of the system, we need to further study the soft calibration of the dynamically tuned gyroscopic inclinometer system. At present, our continuous fiber optic gyroscope inclinometer has increased the advantages of continuous high-speed measurement on the basis of improving the performance. It is a good drilling equipment.

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