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GPS/INS compound guide technology

Inertial navigation and positioning (INS/GPS) integrated navigation system used in weapons guidance, can give full play to their respective advantages and complement each other, both the moderate long-term stability and precision of using GPS, to make up for the INS error increases with time spread or shortcomings, short-term high accuracy to make up for the GPS receiver using the INS error increases when disturbed or sheltered lost signal shortcomings, such as further highlight the strapdown inertial navigation system has simple structure, high reliability, small volume, light weight, low cost advantage, and with the help of inertial navigation system's information attitude and angular velocity information, improve the performance of GPS receiver antenna directional control of GPS satellite signal capture or recaptured quickly, at the same time, with the aid of GPS continuous provide high precision position and velocity information, estimate and correct the position of the inertial navigation system error, velocity error and other errors of system parameters, realize the air transfer alignment and calibration, which can relax the precision request, make the combination of optimizing guidance system, has the very high cost-effectiveness ratio.

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