Function of Fiber Optic Gyroscope North Seeker

The fiber optic gyroscope north seeker is a high-precision inertial instrument that autonomously indicates azimuth. It can provide the angle between the carrier and the true north direction without inputting the latitude value.

The angle of rotation of the earth measured by a fiber optic gyroscope and the angle between the gyroscope and the horizontal plane measured by an accelerometer are calculated by computer to obtain the angle between the carrier’s baseline and the true north direction, thereby obtaining the value of the azimuth of the carrier and placing The accelerometer on the baseline measures the attitude of the north seeker.

The fiber optic gyroscope used by the FOG Northfinder is composed of optical fiber rings, semiconductor lasers, Y-waveguides, etc. They are solid-state devices and have no rotating parts, making the device resistant to shock and vibration. This is not possible with other non-optical gyros。

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