Find the Value Due North of the Object

The gyroscope north finder is a high precision biaxial power tuned gyroscope used in radar, antenna, military vehicles and other fields.

Dynamic gyroscope is a gyroscope which USES the effect of strapdown compass to solve the true north direction. Dynamic gyroscope north finder is composed of three axis gyro, three axis adding meter, data acquisition and processing module, secondary power supply, optical coupling isolated input and output serial circuit and other related structural parts. After power-on and power-on, the product enters the preheating time. At the end of the preheating time, the product turns into the initial self-alignment under the condition of moving base. After the product is electrified for 30 minutes, the vehicle carrying the product can navigate at sea. The product will output course Angle, roll Angle and pitch Angle in time. Customized products are also available for land and air applications.

Dynamic gyro north finder is mainly used in the navigation industry. The dynamic gyro north finder will output the course Angle, roll Angle and pitch Angle in time.

Performance indicators of dynamic gyroscope north finder: measuring accuracy, measuring range, preparation time, external input signal and error, etc.

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