Fiber Optic Gyroscope Technical Issues

1) The effect of temperature transients. In theory, the two backpropagating optical paths in the ring interferometer are of equal length, but this is only strictly true if the system does not change over time. Experiments show that the phase error and the drift of the rotation rate measurement are proportional to the time derivative of temperature. This is very harmful, especially during warm-up.

(2) The effect of vibration. Vibration also affects the measurement. A proper package must be used to ensure good coil robustness. The internal mechanical design must be reasonably reasonable to prevent resonance.

(3) The influence of polarization. The single-mode fiber that is currently used more is a dual-polarization mode fiber. The birefringence of the fiber produces a parasitic phase difference, so polarization filtering is required. Depolarization fibers can suppress polarization, but they can lead to increased costs.

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