Fiber Optic Gyroscope North Finder Application

Our company researched new Dynamic Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder, it uses high precision fiber optic gyroscope and quartz accelerometer as core parts. Gyro platform and multi position measurement is combined with the north seeking mode, accurate measurement of the earth rotation rate and the gravitational acceleration, independent measurement azimuth angle and attitude angle.

Fiber optic gyroscope north finder can all-weather work reliably, and it is not affected by external environment such as the earth’s magnetic field, terrain, climate change etc. In the absence of any external orientation information, under the condition of north seeking function, it measures the local geographic north. Especially the integration of high technology and GPS, its performance will be further improved.

In the military application, north finder is used in missiles, artillery, radar, torpedo, aircraft, ships, vehicles, and provide a range of reference; Compared to the traditional north finder, vibration gyro north finder can withstand stronger, shock and acceleration. With the increasing of fiber optic gyroscope technology improvement, quick response high precision fiber optic gyroscope to adapt to the harsh environmental requirements of north finder will become the dominant military equipment of the north finder.

In civil application, mining mines, in tunnel construction, geodetic engineering etc. North finder provide accurate azimuth reference, also it plays an important role.

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